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Choose The Right Glasses For Your Kids!

Choose The Right  Glasses For Your Kids

After being prescribed by an ophthalmologist doctor. It is up to you and your child to choose glasses that he/she will take care of and wear regularly.

Start by talking to your child about glasses. Get your child excited about choosing a pair, and there are now plenty of offline and online options available. (We have accurate collection of fancy and trendy glasses)

Choose the Right Eye-Frame for Your Kids

You will get fancy and trendy child eyeglasses here, which is a good place to start in determining the size you need. You can also measure the frame width of a pair of eyeglasses that fits your child well.

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Keep in mind that children's noses are often less developed to build a bridge, so the eyeglasses can easily slip through their noses. jubleelens eyeglasses are the best to choose because they fit on a nose pad.
(We recommend choosing acetate or TR-90 frame if your child is under 8 years old)

Other solutions designed to keep the glasses in place are to choose a frame that provides a custom fit behind the ears and a lightweight.

Finding the Right Frame Material

Frames come in metal and plastic, and there are benefits to each. Metal is lighter and often comes with nose pads, while plastic offers more colour options and patterns that kids love. Keep in mind that if your child has skin sensitivity, you may need to choose a hypoallergenic material such as acetate or stainless steel.

Choose a style

This is an exciting part of choosing glasses. We recommend that you include your child in this process as often as possible. After all, if they have the opportunity to choose the glasses they wear, they are more likely to take care of themselves and wear them regularly.
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It is a good idea to reduce the field by selecting one or two of your favorite color for the frame. From there, you can look at your child's facial expressions and decide which ones will work best for him or her. Jublee Lens has made it even easier. Here you will find balanced and fancy frames and the most popular.

Choosing a Durable Lens

Regardless of the prescription, it's important to choose durable lenses. We recommend you an impact-resistant lens called Blu Ray Protected. This type of lens not only filters out ultraviolet rays, but also protects your child eyes from the rays coming from mobiles and computers and TVs, this is important, also it will be the best option to prevent the lens from breaking when dropped.

UV and blue light protection

We've already mentioned ultraviolet light protection, which is essential, but you should also consider lenses that filter blue light from computer screens, phones, and other electronics. If your child does not have any vision problems, if he often spends most of his time playing games on mobile or watching cartoons, movies, or online classes on TV or computer, then Blu Ray Protected Glasses Lenses are available with these options.

Get Backup Glasses: Buy Jubilee Glasses

We recommend choosing a second glass as a backup. You can also let your child choose a different color or shape to create a different look. For Jublelens glasses, this is a completely inexpensive option, as we have a large selection of eyeglasses with a competitive number of children. Here you get offers to buy one and get one for free.

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We hope you will purchase JubleLens sunglasses for all your eyeglass requirements, including toddlers, 5- to 8-year-olds and 9- to 12-year-olds.

Don't hesitate to contact us at any time with questions!

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