Anti-glare lens coating

Is it worth getting anti-glare glasses online?

The anti-glare coating offers many benefits including improved visual clarity, UV protection, less eye strain and improved appearance. The only con is the extra cost. Almost all eye care professionals will recommend an anti-glare coating on your lenses. But offers you a high quality anti-glare coating lens with a blue light filter feature which is extra beneficial for you.

What is Anti-Glare Coating?

An anti-glare coating, also known as an anti-reflective coating or anti-reflecting coating, is a thin layer applied to the surface of your glasses that is a blue, green, or hydrophobic coating that allows more light to escape from your lenses. let's pass. without harming your vision.

It improves your vision by reducing the amount of glare and damaging rays reflected off your lens.

Glare is excessive glare caused by direct light (eg the sun) or reflected light (eg mobile, bulb, laptop). This often happens when sunlight hits a reflective surface such as water or ice. LEDs can also cause glare on TV or phone, tablet and computer screens.

The lenses provided by JubleeLens reflect about eight to 12% of the light reaching your glasses.

Bright light can cause a number of problems with your vision, including:

  • increased eye strain
  • Digital eye strain (due to digital devices)
  • poor vision (especially driving at night)
  • halos or rings around bright lights
  • headache or migraine

The anti-glare coating allows almost 99 % of the available light to reach your eyes, eliminating glare only. Due to this, you can almost get rid of the above problems.

Benefits of anti-glare coating

As we have given you information above, how anti-glare glass eliminates harmful glare.

Improved visual clarity and eye comfort

Using an anti-glare space will allow more light to reach your eye, with no light reflecting off your lens. It enhances visual acuity and helps you reduce the need to squint, it will also filter sudden flashes of bright light into your eyes, especially during deep-focus tasks like driving or using your computer.

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If you have glasses without an anti-glare coating, you may have problems while watching a movie or clicking a picture in high light. Sometimes you have to blink your eyes again and again.

The same is true when you are talking to someone face to face, the person in front cannot see your eyes, he sees a blurred light on your lens in a bright light. Anti-reflective lenses eliminate this glare so that everyone can see your eyes and you don't have to blink too much in bright light.

UV Protection + Anti Glare

The anti-reflective coating also helps protect your eyes from UV rays. Vision can be enhanced by using photochromatic (transition) or polarized lenses. Photochromatic (transition) or polarized lenses are also a type of anti-reflective lens.

Glare can be a major problem in many outdoor sports.

Fishing, skiing, football, snowboarding, baseball, and cricket all take place in a very bright light with the potential for a lot of glare. You must have seen in your cricket match that the other end of the batsman is covered with a black cloth so that the batsman does not have any problem with the light reflected from the metal. Anti-reflective glasses or sunglasses help reduce this light and give you a clearer field of vision.

Low eye strain

Glare can cause serious problems during intense focus tasks or tasks that result from prolonged staring at the screen. Whenever you need to swirl to see something, you are straining your eyes.

Removing glare during these tasks will help put less strain on your eyes. For which you have to use anti-glare glasses

Low blue light exposure

Digital devices such as phones, laptops, tablets and TVs emit harmful blue light. You can also use blue light filter lenses with anti-glare coatings.

It helps reduce exposure to blue light, improve your sleep patterns, and reduce eye strain. These are common in Blue light filter glasses also called computer glasses.

Anti-glare lens coating care

Many anti-reflected (Anti Glare) lenses are coated with a hydrophobic surface that makes them water resistant. This also makes it easier to clean them. However, because of its complete transparency, fine scratches are most noticeable on opposing lenses. 

Anti glare computer glasses

To avoid this you can use a wipe made of cotton. When cleaning your anti-glare lenses, use only those products specifically designed for your glasses. Always wet or spray your lenses, using a dry cloth on dry lenses can cause dust or other debris to scratch your lenses.

Anti-glare lens price

The cost of an anti-glare coating can range anywhere from 499 to 2999, in addition to the original cost of your lens. The cost will depend on the type of AR coating you choose but we have a discount plan for you so that you can buy an anti-reflective coating full-spectrum including frame + lens and an eyeglass cleaning kit for Rs.999.

Do Anti-Glare Glasses Really Work?

Yes. The anti-glare coating allows almost 100% (99.5) of available light to reach your eyes, virtually eliminating glare. Blue light coating lens also takes extra care of your eyes.

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